How Do You Construct a Fence

How Do You Construct a Fence

A fence is an important part of a garden. You need a good fence to make sure that you can properly delineate your property. Also, a fence can be used for privacy. That’s especially useful if you spend a lot of time in your garden. The time you spend in your garden should be private if you want it to be. A solid fence will allow that. Fences also have practical purposes. If you have a swimming pool or a pond, a fence is a great option because it will keep people safe. The last thing you want is kids wandering into your yard and hurting themselves in your pool or pond. A fence will prevent that, but how should you build your fence?

Pressure-Treated Timber

Your fencing project should begin with pressure-treated timber. This is wood that has been treated to resist rot. Normal wood is very porous and will absorb moisture over time. This means that it will start to rot and degrade. Termites and other pests will also start to make their homes in the wood. To prevent that, timber is placed into highly pressurized tanks where chemicals are forced deep into the wood by the pressure. The pressure of the tank forces the chemicals into the wood where they force out a lot of the water and prevent the wood from degrading over time. The pressure-treated timber is often vaguely green because the chemicals used to pressure treat the timber are often derived from copper.

To that end, many people ask their fencing contractors in Oxford to stain the wood. If you don’t want your fence to be slightly green-tinted timber, the contractor can stain it a different tint. They might then need to seal it with a sealant to protect the stain. It depends on the specific stain and wood.

Design a Gate

Once you’ve chosen which type of timber you want, you need to design your gate. Designing your gate is important because it will have the only moving parts of your fence. Some fences, such as those around backyards, might not even have a gate. They might just fence in the entire garden or part of it. However, if you want a gate, you should decide whether you need a gate that is for show or a gate that is actually protective.

If you need your gate to actually protect your home from entry, then you need hinges that are on the inside of the fence and sturdy. You also need a locking mechanism made of sturdy metal. If you just need a gate for the show, you can use whichever metal items are sturdy and decorative.

These are the basic elements of a fence; a fencing contractor will walk you through these steps and more.

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