How to Organize Small Kitchen

How to Organize Small Kitchen

Furnishing compact apartments is easy when you have a clear idea of the options that are available to you and how they can be adapted to suit your requirements. This is particularly important if you are considering furnishing or renovating your kitchen space.

Go Modular:

One of the most used rooms in the house, a kitchen is not only the place where meals, beverages and everything else in between are rustled up but are sometimes also used as the place where the family gets together for a morning cup of tea or a meal. Whether you have a large open kitchen or a small closed one, your best option to make the most of it in terms of storage space, convenience and appearance are to choose to install a modular kitchen. Built to suit your specific needs, a modular kitchen uses innovative solutions to make the most of the available space, putting in sleek bottle pull-outs, plate racks and roomy drawers which pack in more stuff than you could have thought possible.

A Range of Modular Kitchen Designs:

A modular kitchen is a custom designed for every individual user, keeping in mind the space available and the best possible utilization of it. In modern compact homes, the most popular options are straight kitchens and parallel kitchens. Read on to discover which of these are best suited to your lifestyle.

Straight Kitchens

Open kitchens and small kitchens are ideal for the installation of a straight kitchen. Built along one wall, this kitchen does away with the concept of a work triangle, placing the stove, appliances and sink in a single straight line. A row of cabinets under the counter and another on top provide storage space for your kitchen essentials. To make the most of your space, try using a double row of cabinets on top, and incorporate a tall cabinet if you can do it without cramping the space.

While one cannot go wrong with a simple straight kitchen, it helps to ensure that there is enough free space on your counter for you to be able to work without inconvenience. Also, the style is not a good fit in a very large kitchen, as it places the appliances and stove etc at a great distance from each other, making it difficult to work in.

If space allows, you could consider including an island or breakfast bar too!

Parallel Kitchens

The most preferred style among professional cooks is parallel kitchens. A large work- triangle spread out over two walls, with free space to move between them, characterize this style. Perfect for people who prefer to work alone, it offers a high level of convenience and the two four rows of cabinets provide ample storage space.

When designing a parallel kitchen, do make sure there is enough space between the rows to open cabinets without obstruction. Keeping the stove and the sink on the same side reduces the number of steps too!

Being compact and functional, straight and parallel kitchen lend themselves to experimentation with the look. Glossy laminates and unusual colors go very well with the contemporary look of these kitchens, making your kitchen a colorful and cheery place you will love to spend time in! MyGubbi offers you the convenience of choosing the perfect straight or parallel kitchen for your home from the convenience of your desk. Browse through the many options available to pick the style which best suits you!

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