Large Tree Removal All You Need to Know and More

Large Tree Removal All You Need to Know and More

A large tree could weigh as much as 50 tonnes, and a lot more with some species like the Redwood, and removing such a bulky and heavy tree requires a high level of skill. Tree removal and tree felling are actually very different, as to “fell” a tree is to bring it down with a precise cut on the trunk, which requires a lot of skill, whereas tree removal involves taking small sections, starting at the top, and with the use of ropes and pulleys, the sections are carefully lowered to the ground until all that remains is the stump. Urban tree removal almost always involves nearby structures, power lines, and other obstacles, so tree felling is out of the question.

Safety First

If you are planning to dismember upwards of 30 tonnes of wood from an upright growing stature, great care is needed. The arborist, or tree surgeon as they are often called, would first inspect the site, and he would be looking at the natural lean of the tree, as well as the weight distribution. In the unlikely event, there is empty ground and there is nothing that could be damaged, then he might decide to fell the tree in the traditional way, but more often than not, it has to be removed section by section. This involves setting up ropes and blocks which will prevent each small section from falling to the ground. Even a one-meter section of the trunk can weigh up to one ton, so great care must be taken. The tree surgeon would begin with the outer branches, which are much lighter and generally covered with leaves, and this would leave the trunk and the main boughs.

Cherry Picker

Modern arborists take full advantage of the latest technology, and if space permitted, a cherry picker would be used to give the arborist a safe working platform at the required height. He would use a smaller chainsaw to remove branches, stopping periodically for the workers on the ground to clear the brush. If you happen to live in Western Australia and need a tree removals company in Perth, there are experienced tree removers who can completely remove any tree, and that includes the stump and roots.

Removing the Trunk

This is the bulk of the weight of the tree, and depending on the size, the arborist would take suitable sections starting from the top. Each section would be roped and gently lowered once it has been cut, and this would continue until there is about one meter of stump left. Obviously, one would need the right transport to take away the wood, which could weigh as much as 50 tonnes in total, but a single truck could do the job in the morning.

Stump grinding allows for the stump and roots to be completely removed, which is a far better solution than having a tree stump. A professional arborist would be fully insured, and with a big tree, this is essential, so if you ever require tree removal services, make sure you use a qualified tree surgeon.

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