Market Your Moving Company

Market Your Moving Company

How to market your moving company with Online Marketing Strategies

Are you an up and coming moving company looking to get your name out there?

Are you an already established company looking for new ways to expand your business?
If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’ve come to the right place!
Getting your name out there as a new business or an already established one involves marketing, typically online marketing, a process that is not always the most self – explanatory. There are a few key tips and steps that you should take in order to properly market your company online with Online Marketing Strategies

Take a few minutes to check out this article and improve your chances of being called for the job!

Create your own website!
This seems fairly obvious, but for some reason, people tend to overlook it. It is important that you find a reputable website-design service that allows you to have your own domain and is SEO friendly. Take some time to browse a few different website-design services and see which one fits your companies needs best. If you want, consider hiring someone to design your website for you if you are new to that process. Regardless of whether or not you hire someone, make sure your website contains your company’s basic moving options, contact info, D.O.T number, and a mobile version of your website.

Obtain a few trust seals
Customers are more likely to consider your company for their move if you have credible sources backing you up. Obtain trust seals from companies such as AMSA AND BBB.

Take advantage of Google!
Go online and find some companies that offer AD campaigns. Often times this comes at a small fee. Setting up Ads for your company on websites like Bing or Yelp will draw in potential customers.

Blog away!
Create a blog that is linked to your company’s website. The blog should consist of SEO friendly articles that revolve around moving. Topics such as packing tips, how to rent a moving truck, moving cross-country, etc. are great options that are likely to draw in customers. Set up your blog on common blogging sites such as Tumbler, Word Press,, and Blogger.

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