The First Week After the House Move

The First Week After the House Move

Moving house is such a time-consuming process, that most families can’t wait until the moving day has passed so they can finally sit down and relax a little. The truth is that the moving process might take between weeks and up to a few months, but it’s nothing compared to the after-move process. The hardest time begins when you’re left with all the boxes and the furniture and you need to unpack, arrange and sort out all your belongings.

Turning an empty flat or house into an actual home that is cozy and feels like yours is a big challenge. The first few days after the move are quite hard for everyone. If you need to go to work, try to sort out some days off so you can have sufficient time to deal with the essentials at least. There is really no time to waste – the first one week after the relocation is tough, but it’s also an exciting time. Focus on what needs to be done around the house so the family can settle in properly and leave the getting-to-know-the-town experience for later on.

First and foremost, deal with large and heavy furniture pieces. They have to be positioned at their place and moved as little as possible. After that, continue with the major appliances – the fridge, the washing machine, the stove, and the dishwasher. The fridge should be plugged in after at least 24 hours, so it gets used to the temperature and the humidity in the room. Assemble the furniture and set the beds. Take out the linen, blankets, and pillows so everyone can have a good night’s sleep the first night. The essential areas right after the move, are the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure that during the first week after the move each member of your family, who is able to, is helping out somehow. Here are the things that you need to do:

• Take out the dishes, china, and glasses. These fragile items should be arranged on the second day, ideally, or you risk breaking them by keeping them in the moving boxes for too long. Put any perishables in the fridge and go shopping for food.

• Clean the area thoroughly, unless you know it’s been cleaned before your arrival. Use an all-purpose cleaner, a spray bottle and go over the tiles in the bathroom, the glass surfaces, the kitchen sink, the furniture, and the floors.

• Clear out the living room from all the moving boxes and bags. This is the family room so arrange it on the second day. Any belongings that you want to deal with, later on, move to the garage or the basement.

• Call utility companies to sort out the Internet connection, landline phone, and other services.

• Take out the clothing from the boxes and bags and put it in drawers and wardrobes.

• Ask your children to arrange their belongings in their rooms.

• If you notice anything that you actually don’t want in your house or don’t have space for, simply throw it away.

• Try to go back to the usual routine – cook meals for the family, do things together and arrange the home together so you can both sit and enjoy it afterward.

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