When You’re Hot, You Need the Best Air Conditioning Installation

When You’re Hot, You Need the Best Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning systems are now so widespread that we usually take them for granted. They are especially important in parts of the country where temperatures can soar in the summertime, and they provide a cool and comfortable environment for families and employees.

Types of Air Conditioners

Given the number of air conditioning units on the market today, it’s important to understand the differences between them. If you’re looking to have air conditioning installed by professionals at your home or business, here are the three major types available:

Window-mounted: Most people are familiar with the old box-type air conditioning units that are typically installed in window frames. Everything is self-contained in these units and they generally represent good value for money. Small units that are able to cool small rooms are available quite cheaply.
Split system: These units are generally installed in walls but have a separate compressor unit that sits outside of the home. Unlike the old box-type unit, the split system offers a range of features including more power and power inversion that is very cost effective.
Ducted: Ducted air conditioning features a large compressor unit that is installed outside of the building and feeds a network of pipes that end invents. These vents can be located in different rooms in the building and allow the cool air to circulate more effectively. Many of these ducted units are also reverse cycle, meaning that they double as heaters also. Commercial-grade ducted air conditioning units are typically installed in shopping centers and other commercial establishments where reliability and power are primary concerns.
Whatever solution you decide on for your home or commercial establishment, it is important to ensure that installation and regular air conditioning maintenance is performed by professionals with plenty of experience.

Bespoke Commercial Solutions

Not every air conditioning company has experience planning, designing, and installing air conditioning for commercial establishments. It is an area that requires many years of experience and adherence to very specific conditions and regulations. In order to design a custom air conditioning installation, the following factors must be taken into account:

Space: How large is space? As can be imagined, the differences between installing air conditioning in a small office versus a large shopping center are huge. In cases like this, multiple units will often need to work together to cool the space sufficiently, taking into account the dimensions and the number of people.
Control: Control options are important, especially in commercial establishments. There are a variety of control panels and control options available on the market today. If there are multiple units, will they be controlled from a central location and work in parallel or will they be independently-controlled units? Is a Wi-Fi control option more appropriate for the environment?
These are all questions that need to be answered by a company with plenty of experience and expertise in custom air conditioning design and installation.

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